Need to find work that matters? Here's the secret: Key Competencies + Personal Development = Meaningful Work

* Yes, men and women seek different rewards from work. I also coach men.

You've come a long way, arriving at this point in your career successful at much that you set out to accomplish. And now you're wondering, "Is this all?" Or maybe, "Have I climbed the ladder of success only to find it's leaning up against the wrong wall?"

Some believe the search for meaningful work is impractical, even foolhardy, in a down economy. We think not! While many may be paralyzed in fear, you can give yourself an edge over those who are waiting for the tide to turn by being proactive with your career management now, positioning yourself for a transition while you inform yourself, wisely and thoroughly, about your new direction and its feasibility.

The sure road to meaningful work is the path where your interests and competencies intersect with who you are and who you can be. With personalized coaching, and targeted worksheets to collect the needed data, you will develop the knowledge and confidence to take the driver's seat and create or manage a career that's guaranteed to bring career satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Choose from any of the packages/programs below the one that best fits your needs, or design your own Customized Package. Each package is a blend of structure and flexibility and is designed to be self-paced within recommended parameters.


What Do I Want? Coaching Package

Unsure where to look for work that provides meaning?

Most people find it in work that integrates personal values, abilities and personal development with socially constructive causes. Use coaching, along with guidance from Inner Research worksheets, to identify and prioritize your most compelling sources of meaning and fulfillment.

The program begins with an introductory session (one-two hours in length) to get acquainted, assess the level of clarity you've already achieved, and co-design a plan to lead you to a personal vision of meaningful work. That vision will be targeted, concise and specific, preparing you to move effectively into locating the industry or company where that vision can be realized. Sessions are self-paced, including four hours of individual coaching, to guide you via discovery and relevant decision-making to the necessary clarity.

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Where Do I Fit? Coaching Package

Looking for the industry or field that will be a fit for your competencies, interests, and vision of meaningful work?

Learn effective ways to bridge the gap between the picture of what you want and readiness to begin a job search. In-depth research into industries of interest - projected growth, profiles of success, business challenges, leading companies and their cultures, and qualifying competencies - will further sharpen your focus and accelerate your eventual job search.

Included is the Career Change Best Practices Manual, covering techniques and resources for conducting online and in-person research into your new career options; and guidelines for organizing and sustaining your search.

Four hour-long coaching sessions (or increments totaling 4 hours), scheduled as needed, may cover the following topics:

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What's My Unique Value? Coaching Package

Learn how to strategically position yourself to be competitive in the career or job you're targeting. Become proficient using 21st century career search tools to create leads, contacts and allies, paving the way to the door of the new work you've been searching for.

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A Winning Resume

Do you have a focused job target? Are you reasonably confident your accomplishments and competencies qualify you for it? Do justice to your hard work and thorough preparation by having a professional resume written that will set you apart from other candidates and directly respond to your potential employer's must-have's for the job.

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Customized Coaching Package

Want a flexible format to address your specific needs or questions?

Is your work/life balance out of whack? Are you considering starting your own business? Need variety and have multiple talents, and want to explore a Portfolio Career? Contact me for a no-cost 20-minute assessment conversation

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